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Kidcare activity monitor helps parents to monitor your home PC by periodically screenshots, save as images, you
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10 January 2015

Editor's review

Most parents today are anxious to know about the friends of their young kids and like to keep a tab on the people they meet. Now if you happen to be such a parent and would also want to monitor the social media activities of your kids; you try running the Kidcare Activity Monitor 2.0.1 application. The tool can give you timely updates about the activities your kids are engaging on the computer and you can choose to intervene if needed.

On launch the Kidcare Activity Monitor 2.0.1 shows up with a very dull looking interface that offers several options in one main screen. To begin with you can adjust the Startup setting by enforcing a password and setting a Hotkey. You can also choose to run the software in hidden mode and activate Image Encryption. Moving forward you should look to set the screenshot interval and duration till which the screenshot would be saved. Next you can tailor the settings for sending the screenshots and it includes number of images you wish to send in one go. A critical part of using the software involves choosing the relevant FTP and Email settings for the images to be sent out to you. In case of emails, you would also have to enforce an attachment size limit while in case of FTP you would have to specify a path on your local system from where the files would be uploaded. It is interesting to note that this application does not include a key-logger which stops it from being flagged as a malware by most antivirus utilities.

Overall the Kidcare Activity Monitor 2.0.1 serves a limited purpose of monitoring computer activities of your wards and thus is marked with a score of two rating stars. It remains woefully short of advanced features which is likely to constrain its popularity.

Publisher's description

Periodically screenshots save as images, monitor your kids activities. As the saying goes, one picture to show it all. Kidcare activity monitor helps parents to monitor your home PC by periodically screenshots, save as images, you define the interval (from seconds to minutes) and store term (from hours to weeks), you can get images record through Email or FTP instantly, and USB, LAN afterward. It can run in hidden or normal mode. In hidden mode, the main interface is password protected, unhide it need your predefined password. The program interface is very straightforward, the default setting can work normally without any config. All images can be encrypted and password protected, no one can see one without your password. You define to encrypt images or not, if encrypted, you need to use the Free SwMost Image Encrypt Batch tools to decrypt them, the tool is totally free, you can get it from our website or anywhere internet if available. Kidcare activity monitor never do any keylogger, for we suppose parents will always respect kids' privacy, needn't to know keystrokes and password, one image can show it all. Actually, hidden run keylogger is more like Trojan, will easily blocked by AVs. Kidcare activity monitor cost very fewer PC's CPU/memory thanks to its' intermittent work model, hardly has effect on PC's performance. All images are minimized, only about 250MB needed for 24H records of 1m screenshot interval. No shot taken in case PC in screen save or power save mode. The software calls WinZip or WinRAR to compress screenshot images while sending Email or FTP, if both not found in your PC, Kidcare activity monitor will send images directly. We strongly recommend you to encrypt all images for privacy protection.We hate to spy, but have to sometimes. Kidcare activity monitor was designed to take screenshots but never record any keystroke and clipboard, either password or IE history. While you still get almost all activities.
Kidcare Activity Monitor
Kidcare Activity Monitor
Version 2.0.1
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